2022 NSF Site Visit and Annual Meeting

The CBBG Year 7 Site Visit from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Annual Meeting will take place on Monday, October 24th through Wednesday, October 26th.

Below is information regarding this event. Please check back to this web page for future updates about the upcoming Site Visit.  Thank you.

Agenda Day 1, Tuesday, October 25 – NSF Site Visit

Start time PDTEnd Time PDTSection TitleDurationLocation
7:00BreakfastVentana Ballroom (MU)
7:45Welcome, Kyle Squires, ASUVentana Ballroom (MU)
7:558:05Rules of Engagement by Deborah Jackson10

Ventana Ballroom (MU)
8:05 8:25CBBG Overview, Edward Kavazanjian20Ventana Ballroom (MU)
8:258:50Reserach Program Reports Thrust1: Hazard Mitigation,Jason DeJong25
Ventana Ballroom (MU)
8:509:15Thrust2: Environmental Protection, Anca Delgado25Ventana Ballroom (MU)
9:159:40Thrust3: Infrastructure Construction, Paola Bandini 25Ventana Ballroom (MU)
9:4010:00Break20Ventana Ballroom (MU)
10:0010:25Thrust4: Subsurface Exploration and Excavation, David Frost25Ventana Ballroom (MU)
10:2510:45Testbeds, Edward Kavazanjian20Ventana Ballroom (MU)
10:4511:05Industrial Collaboration and Innovation, Jafar Razmi20Ventana Ballroom (MU)
11:0511:30Strategic Planning, Ed Kavazanjian 25Ventana Ballroom (MU)
11:4512:45Closed Session: Site Visit Team Executive Session #160Cococino Room (MU)
12:451:45Poster Session60La Paz Room (MU)
1:302:00Closed Session: Industrial Advisory Board and NSF Site Visit Team30Cococino Room (MU)
2:002:30Closed Session: Science Advisory Board and NSF Site Visit 30Cococino Room (MU)
2:452:50Innovation, Diversity and Education Activities, Dr. Claudia Zapata5Ventana Ballroom (MU)
2:503:10Education and Outreach, Dr. Jean Larson5Ventana Ballroom (MU)
3:103:35Diversity and Inclusion, Drs. Delia Saenz and Jennifer Chandler25Ventana Ballroom (MU)
3:353:55Evaluation and Assessment, Dr. Megan O’Donnell20Ventana Ballroom (MU)
3:554:15Student Leadership Council Presentation20Ventana Ballroom (MU)
4:305:00Closed Session: Student Leadership Council and NSF Site Visit Team30Ventana Ballroom (MU)
5:006:00Closed Session: Site Visit Team Executive Session #260Cococino Room(MU)
6:006:15Site Visit Team Presents Questions to CBBG Leadership15Ventana Ballroom (MU)
6:15Closed Session: Site Visit Team Working Dinner and DiscussionThe Library Room @ Canopy Hotel
6:15Closed Session: CBBG Leadership and Invited guest to prepare responses to NSF Site Visit TeamGWC 137
6:00CBBG Student and Faculty Dinner Alibi Roof Top @ Canopy Hotel

Day 2, Wednesday, October 26 – NSF Site Visit

Start Time PDTEnd Time SessionDurationLocation
7:158:00Breakfast- Deans, Leadership Team, NSF Site Visit Team45University Club
8:009:00CBBG Response to Site Visit Team Questions60University Club
9:15Until CompletionClosed Session: Site Visit Team Working SessionGWC 137
9:1510:45Student Only: CBBG Panel with former graduates and NSF Intern participants75
9:1510:45Strategic Planning Workshop
11:001:00Student Poster Pitch Session(90 seconds per student with 1 PowerPoint slide followed by brief discussion)120
12:002:00Boxed lunches available for pickup before airport departure


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