2024 NSF Site Visit and Annual Meeting

The CBBG Year 9 Site Visit from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Annual Meeting will take place on Monday, October 21 through Wednesday, October 23.

Day 0 , Monday, October 21 – CBBG Presentation Rehearsal Day

CBBG Preparatory MeetingsBREAKFAST for students, faculty and staff
7:00 AM BREAKFAST for presenters
8:30 AM9:00 AMLeadership Team and IDEA Group Breakfast
9:00 AM10:00 AMMeeting Overview - Leadership Team and IDEA Group
10:00 AM10:15 AMBreak
10:15 AM11:00 AMPresentation Run- (Center Overview, Education and Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion, Evaluation and Assessment)
11:00 AM11:30 AMPresentation Run- (Industrial Collaboration, Infrastructure)
11:30 AM1:00 PMLunch
1:00 PM2:45 PMPresentation Run- (Thrusts, Testbeds, Industry Collaboration and Innovation)
1:00 PM2:45 PMIDEA Group Meeting
2:45 PM3:00 PMBreak
3:00 PM4:30 PMIndustry Advisory Board Meeting
4:00 PM5:00 PMScience Advisory Board Meeting
CBBG Dinner for faculty, staff, students and guests
6:00 PMTBD

Day 1, Tuesday, October 22 – YR9 NSF Site Visit and Annual Meeting

Start time PDTEnd Time PDTSection TitleDurationLocation
7:45Welcome, Georgia Tech Dean
7:558:05Rules of Engagement by Ashwin Raj (NSF Contracting Officer)10

8:05 8:25CBBG Overview, Edward Kavazanjian20
8:258:50Reserach Program Reports Thrust1: Hazard Mitigation,Jason DeJong25
8:509:15Thrust2: Environmental Protection, Anca Delgado25
9:159:40Thrust3: Infrastructure Construction, Paola Bandini 25
10:0010:25Thrust4: Subsurface Exploration and Excavation, David Frost25
10:2510:45Testbeds, Edward Kavazanjian20
10:4511:05Industrial Collaboration and Innovation, Jafar Razmi20
11:0511:30Strategic Planning, Ed Kavazanjian 25
11:4512:45Closed Session: Site Visit Team Executive Session #160
12:451:45Poster Session60
1:302:00Closed Session: Industrial Advisory Board and NSF Site Visit Team30
2:002:30Closed Session: Science Advisory Board and NSF Site Visit 30
2:452:50Innovation, Diversity and Education Activities, Dr. Claudia Zapata5
2:503:10Education and Outreach, Dr. Jean Larson5
3:103:35Diversity and Inclusion, Drs. Delia Saenz and Jennifer Chandler25
3:353:55Evaluation and Assessment, Dr. Megan O'Donnell20
3:554:15Student Leadership Council Presentation20
4:305:00Closed Session: Student Leadership Council and NSF Site Visit Team30
5:006:00Closed Session: Site Visit Team Executive Session #260
6:006:15Site Visit Team Presents Questions to CBBG Leadership15
6:15Closed Session: Site Visit Team Working Dinner and Discussion
6:15Closed Session: CBBG Leadership and Invited guest to prepare responses to NSF Site Visit Team
6:00CBBG Student and Faculty Dinner

Day 2, Wednesday, October 23 – YR9 NSF Site Visit and Annual Meeting

Start Time PDTEnd Time SessionDurationLocation
7:158:00Breakfast- Deans, Leadership Team, NSF Site Visit Team45
8:009:00CBBG Response to Site Visit Team Questions60
8:309:15Breakfast - students & guests
9:15Until CompletionClosed Session: Site Visit Team Working Session
9:1511:15Student Presentation by IDEA Team120
9:1511:15Strategic Planning Workshop 120
11:30Boxed lunches available for pickup before airport departure