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ERC 360

In order to address CBBG’s need for collection and reporting of Center activity data to the National Science Foundation (NSF), CBBG uses an open-sourced version of the ERC Project Center.  ERC 360 Project Center contains a set of common modules to handle all data collection and reporting for annual uploads to the NSF’s ERC Web Database.  Once all of the information is uploaded into the ERC Web Database, tables, graphs, charts and figures are downloaded and inserted into various sections of the Center’s Annual Report to the NSF. 

The NSF uses this information to compare the Center’s progress to other ERC’s and to an NSF matrix of at what level an ERC should be performing in any grant year.  Failure for an ERC to make progress each year could lead to the termination of NSF funding.  This is why it is imperative that every member of the CBBG team (faculty, student, staff) enter information such as demographics, publications, presentations, internships, etc., into the ERC 360.  

ERC 360 Training Manual [PDF] or ERC 360 Training Manual [PowerPoint]

ERC 360 Checklist [PDF]

Activity Types Definitions [Word]

ERC 360 Website