CBBG YR8 Poster Presentation

THRUST 1 (Hazard Mitigation)

IDPoster TitlePresenter(s)Institue
PR01Microbial Ecology of Meter-scale MICPCharles GraddyUCD
PR04Numerical Analysis of Microbial Induced Desaturation(MID) for Liquefaction MitigationPatrick KwonASU
PR04Microbially Induced Desaturation and Precipitation (MIDP)Biogeochemical Model ValidationKatie CurrierASU
PR36Dynamic Response of MICPSoo- Min Ham, Alex San Pablo, Jose Luis CaisapantaUCD
PR37 Dissolution Behavior of Biocemented Sands: Reactive Transport Model Validation ExperimentsBruna G. Oliveira RibeiroUniversity of Washington
PR38Numerical Modelling of Bio-Cemented sandsLaura LunaUCD
PR75Capturing Microbial Interactions during Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP)Shaivan ShivaprakashGT
C2C:Triaxial Testing of MICP Improved Soil for Liquefaction MitigationBen BlairUCD

THRUST 2 (Environmental Protection and Restoration)

IDPoster TitlePresenter(s)Institution
PR63Chemically Induced Iron Precipitation for Wind-Based Erosion ControlZach HubbardASU
PR76Enhanced Control Of Microbial Activity And SubstrateDelivery Via Inhibitors ForIn-situContaminant TreatmentJustin Skinner, Caleb McLaughlin, Ryan Koenig-VinicombeASU
PR78In situ manganese biomineralization in granular media for contaminant removalEleanorFadelyUCD
PR78Deciphering Microbial Interactions in Reductive Dechlorination Mediated by ChainElongation and Fermentation Caleb M. McLaughlASU
AP10EICP & Biocrust for Dust Mitigation in Pinal County: Preliminary Studies Adesola Habeeb AdegokeASU
AP11Susceptibility of Fungi-treated Sand to Rainstorm-induced Erosion Taylor Tuckett, Huda ClemenASU
Earthworm-Inspired Penetration in Dense and Loose Dry SandMiguel E. OlivasMéndezNMSU

THRUST 3(Infrastructure Construction Methods and Materials)

IDProject TitlePresenter(s)Institution
PR06Multiaxial Tensile Testing of Next-Generation Bio-inspired GeogridsEmreDumanGT
PR06Spider Web Inspired Geogrids for Better Roads Jiaojun (June) LiGT
PR09Centrifuge Testing and Optimization of Tree Root Inspired FoundationsMatthew Burrall,YoonahUCD
PR10Analytical Models for Root-Inspired Ground Anchor PerformanceJohn A. Huntoon & Clara BaileyGT
PR11Experimental Plan for Centrifuge Testing of Bioinspired Laterally Expansive Piles Mohsen ZamaniNMSU
PR11Third-Generation Prototypes of the Expanded PileDylan Casey & Sofia Fajardo NMSU
PR60Compaction and Soil Water Retention Properties of Enzyme-induced Carbonate Precipitation Treated Soil Shivangi Jain, Saleh AlhotmaASU
PR60Compaction and Soil Water Retention Properties of Enzyme-inducedCarbonate Precipitation Treated SoilSaleh Alothman, Shivangi JainASU
PR65Bio-based Scour Protection for Underwater Foundation SystemsXiwei LiASU
AP06A Numerical Comparison of Geogrids Under Different LoadingConditionsCandas OnerGT
AP09Bio-Cementation for Dust Mitigation ofSoilsfromthe Salton SeaFarideh EhsasASU
AP12Surface Stabilization of Mine Waste Using EICP: A Field StudySalim Al-Aufi andAbishek AryalASU
AP12Enhancing Adhesion of EICP to Soil Particle Surfaces with Milk ProteinsAbishek AryalASU

THRUST 4 (Surface Exploration and Excavation)

IDProject TitlePresenter(s)Institution
PR47Bio-inspiredSoRo: Harnessing Earthworm Mechanics for Underground Explorationand Soil Analysis Honglai (Matthew) PengGT
PR48Snakeskin-Inspired Anisotropic Surfaces:Prescription of Frictional Interactions at Soil-StructureInterfaces Hyeon Jung KimUCD
PR48Snakeskin-Inspired Anisotropic Surfaces: Prescription of Frictional Interactions at Soil-Structure InterfacesDamon NguyeUCD
PR49Universal Biomechanical Processes for Subsurface Exploration andUnderground Construction Aly GhanemUCD
PR49Universal Biomechanical Processes for Subsurface Explorationand Underground ConstructionRiya AnilkumarUCD
PR66Angelwing shells (cyrtopleuracostata) inspired rock drillingYumeng ZhaoGT
AP01DEM-MBD Coupled Simulation of a Bio-Inspired Dual-auger Burrowing Robot in Dry SandSarina ShahhosseiniASU


IDProject TitlePresenter(s)Institution
RETUrease Efficacy in Enzyme Induced Carbonate Precipitation(EICP) in Selected Soil Samples and ExperimentalConditionsAnna Martí-SubiranaASU
RETAnaerobic Bioremediation–Chlorine to Hydrogen(Reductive Dehalogenation & Microbial Chain Elongation)Galena J GordonASU
RETTesting the Vertical Penetration Capability of a Self-Burrowing Robot in Granular MediaGarth Sommers, Jannette Marti-SubiranaASU
RETEICP Busts the Dust by Forming Carbonate CrustJason ParsonsASU
RETUtilizing Microbes For TheBioWeatheringof MartianRegolith for FarmingKarl ErnsbergerASU
RETRiders of the StormKristin Shelton, Anju Kharbanda, AnnaMarti-SuriranaASU
RETPermeability of Bio-cemented Sand MixturesManoranjiniChilkamariASU
REUTesting Small-Scale Flow Through Paper-BasedMicrofluidic DevicesBrandon GreenASU
REUFrictional Anisotropy at Snakeskin-Inspired Soil-Structure Interfaces with Compacted Yolo LoamChad AutryUCD
REUThe Effect of Spider Web “Y” structure on gridperformanceSona Javadi, Emanuel Peralta, Michael BrooksGT
REUConnection to Nature and the Acceptance of InnovationJalynn WellsASU
REUBio-inspiredHelicalSelf-burrowingRobotJannette Marti-SubiranaASU
REUIron Precipitation for Soil Improvement through Microbial OxidationsLouisa KaplanASU
REUCopper Tolerance and Sequestration Potential of the Macro fungus PleurotusostreatusRyan CotterASU
REUPhysicochemical and Biological Remediation of Selenium Contaminated GroundwaterSonia ZegdiNMSU
REU,YSPExperimental Study On EICP Percolation Through SlopedSandWith Varying Relative DensityElias Esplain, Jeron WisnerNMSU


IDProject TitlePresenter(s)Instituion
PR19Life Cycle Assessment of Geotechnical Systems Review and ApplicationDora de MeloUCD