Current Research in MICP

Current Research in MICP

Professor Toshiro Hata, Toyama University

Dr. Kazuhiro Kaneda, Takenaka R&D Institute

March 23, 2017

Zoom Recording

Abstract/Bio: Professor Hata’s laboratory at Toyama University has two research groups: one in soil mechanics (mainly laboratory tests) and the other group in the molecular biology (PCR-DGGE/ NEXT generation sequencing).  He will talk about the current research topics in his laboratory, including:

  1. Improvement of the liquefaction strength by using In-situ microorganisms isolated/cultivated from Japan
  2. Possibility of the methane hydrate bearing layers cementation
  3. Degradation control of the cement treated soil by using the urease production bacterium under the seawater exposure conditions.

Dr. Kaneda is the chief researcher at the Takenaka Research and Development Institute, the world’s largest state-of-the-art R&D Institute. The Takenaka Corporation is an Infrastructure Design and Construction firm with sales of $9 billion and 20 overseas offices that offer comprehensive services worldwide across the entire spectrum of space creation from site location and planning to design and construction as well as post completion services such as building maintenance. Dr. Kaneda will talk about his current work on self-healing cement treated soil and MICP for clay.