IAB Description

The CBBG’s mission is to develop innovative technologies to serve a broad and evolving civil engineering industry, and to train and educate future engineers in the multidisciplinary field of biogeotechnics. This industry-driven mission necessities a close relationship with a wide range of industrial partners providing direction and perspective for the research and education programs of the CBBG. The primary vehicle for providing this direction is the Industrial Advisory Board, a group composed of industry partners that have joined the CBBG’s Industrial Partners Program. Upon formally joining the CBBG, each Industry Partner is given one seat on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB consists of a representative of each Industry Partner with responsibilities that include the following:

Joining the Center is simple. A prospective industry partner simply reviews and then signs the CBBG’s Industry-Practitioner Membership Agreement and then provides payment for annual dues based on membership level. The Industrial Liaison Officer, Nasser Hamdan, is responsible for overseeing the Industrial Partners Program and is more than happy to help facilitate the joining process and answer any questions you may have.

Not sure if your company could benefit from joining CBBG’s Industry Partners Program? While the CBBG will certainly benefit from your engagement, there is a lot more to the CBBG Industry Partners Program that includes benefits and direct opportunities for your company. Indeed, as evidenced by our impressive membership, a wide range of companies including consultants, contractors and owners from various industries have found value in joining our Industry Partners Program—take a look at our membership! If you have any questions, please contact the CBBG Industrial Liaison Officer by phone or email and he will be happy to discuss the various benefits and joint opportunities that exist in the CBBG.