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Industry Partners

The CBBG industrial partner program is structured to incorporate the entire value chain of organizations engaged in geotechnical systems for infrastructure development, including:

  • geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering consulting firms
  • general engineering/architecture design firms
  • geotechnical specialty contractors
  • resource exploration and production firms
  • waste management firms
  • public works agencies
  • regulatory authorities

Our diverse group of industrial partners help establish research priorities, offer input with respect to system requirements, and provide the field-scale test beds for the center. Inclusion of public agencies and owners in the industrial partners program and use of field-scale test beds facilitate acceptance of CBBG developed technologies by risk-averse infrastructure owners and agencies.

Are you interested in collaborative research projects, student training, or widening your network? Contact Nasser Hamdan (CBBG Industry Collaboration and Innovation Director) at (480) 965-2277 or to explore membership in the Center.