Mid-Year Meeting 2021

Year 6 Mid-Year Meeting

April 11 – 13, 2021

CBBG is excited to welcome students, faculty, staff, and partners to our 2021 Mid-Year Meeting! This website will house all information related to the event. Visit frequently for updated information.

This meeting will be in person with select sessions will be also available in ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/2502945270; PASSWORD: Soilrocks!

Sunday, April 11, 2021– Mid-Year Meeting

ASU / UCDNMSUGTTopicLocation
11:00AM12:00PM2:00PMCBBG Student Retreat – CBBG Student Leadership Council

Monday, April 12, 2021 – Mid-Year Meeting

ASU / UCDNMSUGTTopicVideosSlides [PDF]
8:00AM9:00AM11:00AMWelcome and Meeting Overview – David Frost (Georgia Tech) Welcome and Strategic Plan Rollout
8:30AM9:30AM11:30AMStrategic Plan Rollout – Ed Kavazanjian (ASU)
9:30AM10:30AM12:30PMBreak / Lunch (30 mins)
10:00AM11:00AM1:00PMCreativity & Bio-geotechnics – Carlos Santamarina Creativity & Bio-geotechnics - Carlos Santamarina
11:00AM12:00PM2:00PMStudent Presentations
Peter Zelkowski PhD student NMSU (Advisor: Paola Bandini) “Development and prototype testing of laterally expansive piles”

Michael Edgar, PhD student ASU (Advisor: Treavor Boyer)
“Nutrient removal and recycling from agricultural run-off”

YuYan Chen, PhD student UCD (Advisor: Alejandro Martinez)
“Bio-Inspired strategies for a self-burrowing in-situ testing probe”

Shaivan Shivaprakash, PhD student GT (Advisor: Susan Burns) “Exploring MICP in carbonate bearing silty sands”
Student PresentationsMichael Edgar
12:00PM1:00PM3:00PMBreak / Lunch (30 mins)
12:30PM1:30PM3:30PMIAB Academic Debate Motion: Industry has a more important role to play than academia in developing the field of bio-geotechnics

For the Motion
Michael Basel, Ph.D., P.E. – Market Segment Leader, Haley & Aldrich

Chris Hunt, Ph.D., P.E., G.E. – Senior Principal, Geosyntec Consultants

Against the Motion
Susan E. Burns, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE – Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alejandro Martinez, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, University of California Davis

IAB Academic Debate Motion
1:30PM2:30PM4:30PMStudent Presentations
Ishani Kulasekara MS student NMSU (Advisor: Lambis Papelis)
“Selenium removal in a hybrid microbial physicochemical system”

Yong Tang, PhD student ASU (Advisor: Julian Tao)
“Multiscale Analysis of Bio-inspired Rotational Penetration in Sand”

Maya El Kortbawi, PhD student UCD (Advisor: Katerina Ziotopoulou)
“Bounding surface plasticity modeling for bio-cemented sands”

Rodrigo Borela, PhD student GT (Advisor: David Frost)
“Effect of penetrometer tip shape in granular beds”
Student Presentations + ClosingIshani Kulasekara

Yong Tang
2:30PM3:30PM5:30PMClosing – Ed Kavazanjian (ASU)

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 – Mid-Year Meeting

ASU / UCDNMSUGTTopicVideosSlides [PDF]
8:00AM9:00AM11:00AMEffective Strategies to Combat Racism in Ourselves and Our
Workplaces – Yvette Upton
Strategies to combat racism
9:30AM10:30AM12:30PMBreak / Lunch
11:00AM12:00PM2:00PMSAB Presentations (Facilitator: David Frost)
W. Allen Marr, Ph.D., P.E., NAE, D.GE, F.ASCE
Chief Executive Officer, Geocomp & GeoTesting Express

Vernon Schaefer, Ph.D., P.E.
James M. Hoover Professor in Geotechnical Engineering, Iowa State University

R. Kerry Rowe, Ph.D., DEng., DSc(hc), FRS, NAE, FREng, FRSC, FCAE, FEIC, ASCE, FIE(Aust), FCSCE, P.Eng, CP.Eng.
Barrington Batchelor Distinguished University Professor and Canada Research Chair, Queen’s University
SAB PresentationsVernon Schaefer
12:00PM1:00PM3:00PMBreak / Lunch
12:30PM1:30PM3:30PMSenior Investigator Sessions (15 mins each)
Leon van Paassen, Associate Professor, ASU “How burping bacteria mitigate earthquake liquefaction, mesoscale tank tests”

Douglas Cortes Associate Professor, NMSU. “Utilitarian subterranean annelid-inspired geo-probe”

Anca Delgado, Assistant Professor, ASU “New bioremediation strategies for impacted groundwater”

Jackie Pena, Assistant Professor, UCD “Optimizing manganese bio-mineralization in granular media”

Sheng Dai, Assistant Professor, GT, “Angel-wing inspired hard rock drilling’”

Paola Bandini Associate Professor, NMSU. “Enzyme induced carbonate precipitation (EICP) for erosion control in sands”

Mike Gomez, Assistant Professor UW “Liquefaction behavior of bio-cemented sands: A path forward from Element to Systems-level Response"

Susan Burns, Professor, GT “Extending carbonate precipitation technology usage through international C2C collaboration”.
Senior Investigator Session + ClosingDouglas Cortes

Anca Delgado

Mike Gomez
2:30PM3:30PM5:30PMClosing – Ed Kavazanjian (ASU)