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Monday, October 18th, 2021

Session #1 – Infrastructure Construction Methods

7:20AM PT & AZ/ 8:20 AM MT / 9:20 AM CT /10:20 AM ET

IDPoster TitlePresenter(s)Institution
PR09Tree Root Inspired Foundations: Root System Modeling and OptimizationMatthew Burrall, Khoa Tran, Yoon-Ah Kim, Min-Kyung JeonUCD/KAIST
PR10Field Installation of Root-Inspired Ground AnchorJohn Huntoon GT
PR11Numerical Simulation of Bioinspired Radially Expansive PilesS. Ali Aleali NMSU/Univ. of Waterloo
PR12Comparison of Heat Transmission in Adobe Masonry and Conventional Housing SystemsEduardo Davila NMSU
PR13Engineering Applications of EICP – Fugitive Dust ControlMiriam Woolley ASU
PR45Development of EICP Treatment Application Methods for Erosion Control of Sands in Sloping GroundRashidatu Ossai, Oswaldo Marvez, Lucas RiveraNMSU
PR56Nanomechanical Characterization of Enzyme Induced Carbonate Precipitates Vinay Krishnan ASU
PR57Prototype Testing of Laterally Expansive PilesPeter Zelkowski, S. Ali Aleali NMSU
PR60Large Outdoor Rainfall and Infiltration Simulator (LORIS)Eric A. EscotoASU
PR65CFD Simulation of Using Mangrove - Inspired Sacrificial Pile Group on Scour MitigationXiwei Li ASU
PR73Bio - Cementation for Dust Mitigation in Salton SeaFarideh Ehsasi ASU

Session #2 – Hazard Mitigation

8:50AM PT & AZ/ 9:50 AM MT / 10:50 AM CT /11:50 AM ET

IDPoster TitlePresenter(s)Institution
PR01Microbial Ecology of Stimulated Ureolytic BiocementationCharles Graddy, Valerie YanezUCD
PR04Liquefaction Mitigation via Microbial DenitrificationPatrick Kwon, Deepesh Karmacharya ASU
PR36MICP Physical Modeling to Assess Liquefaction Mitigation
Alex San Pablo UCD
PR37Up-scaling of Stimulated Ureolytic MICP for Field-scale DeploymentMinyong Lee UCD & UW
PR38Constitutive Modeling of Bio-Cemented Soils
Maya El KortbawiUCD
PR54Industry MICP Field Trials
Alex San Pablo, Minyong Lee,, Charles Graddy, Doug Nelson UCD & UW
C2CMulti-scale Investigation of Bio-Based Mineral Precipitation in Carbonate Bearing Granular Soils and Construction Related Waste
Shaivan Shivaprakash ASU/GT/UCD

Session #3 – Environmental Protection

10:05 AM PT & AZ/ 11:05 AM MT / 12:05 PM CT /1:05 PM ET

IDPoster TitlePresenter(s)Institution
PR07Microbial enhancement of selenium removal in chemically modified zeolite columnsIshani Kulasekara NMSU
PR16Effect of Fe (III) and/or Sulfate on Microbiological Cr (VI) Reduction by Mixed Microbial Cultures Srivatsan Mohana RanganASU
PR42Field Demonstration of P and N Removal from Tile DrainageMichael EdgarASU
PR43Electrokinetic Sub-surface Transport for mineral Precipitation and Soil RemediationBenjamin AgboASU
PR58Restoration of soil crust cover (biocrust) for erosion and fugitive dust mitigation in degraded soils and solar farmsLuis Gonzalez-de-Salceda ASU
PR63Microbially Inspired Iron Precipitation for Permeability ReductionSahil Kanawade, Zach Hubbard ASU
PR71Changes in methane emissions and microbes in landfill cells manipulated for sustainable biogas Paul BrewerASU
PR76Enhanced Control Of Microbial Activity And Substrate Delivery Via Inhibitors For In-situ Contaminant TreatmentJustin SkinnerASU
PR78In situ manganese biomineralization in granular media for contaminant removalEleanor Fadely, Gaïtan Géhin, Lena RayUCD

Session #4 – Subsurface Exploration

11:20 AM PT & AZ/ 12:20 PM MT / 1:20 PM CT /2:20 PM ET

IDPoster TitlePresenter(s)Institution
PR20Bio-inspired Penetration in the Regolith Subsurface Exploration Testbed Saeedeh Naziri, Cyrena Ridgeway, Salvador Ibarra, Jose A. Castelo, Katherina Provenghi
PR212D DEM Simulations of Ant Nest Cavity Geometry and OrientationKarie Y. Yamamoto
PR47Effect of Tip Shape on Penetration Resistance of Geo-ProbesRodrigo BorelaGT
PR48Load transfer behavior between snakeskin-inspired piles and sandKyle O’Hara
PR49/PR59Analysis of the Bio-Inspired Penetration Processes of a In-Situ Testing ProbeYuyan Chen
PR66Angelwing shells (cyrtopleura costata) inspired hard rock drillingYumeng Zhao
PR67Bio-inspired Seismic Wave Based Wireless Underground Communication System Yi Zhong
PR77Mole rat - Inspired Bidirectional Propeller for Self-excavating ProbesHaozhou He

RET/YSP Posters

12:20 PM PT & AZ/ 1:20 PM MT / 2:20 PM CT /3:20 PM ET

IDPoster TitlePresenter (s)Institution
RETEat My Dust: Mitigating Fugitive Dust with Enzyme Induced Carbonate PrecipitantOlivia Lansing SpencerASU
RETSelenium Removal in a Hybrid Microbial Physicochemical SystemHeber Martinez SalinasNMSU
RETMICP to Enhance Soil StabilizationRichard CosbyGT
RETEICP Sink or StabilizeClaire RozintASU
RETEvaluating Energy-Efficiency and Sustainability of Bio-inspired geo-probe (GUSANO)Bethuel KhamalaNMSU
RETEcosystem Dynamics: Let's Do This! Digging Deeper into Biotic Factors, Abiotic Factors and Soil Interdependency Using Traditional Bio - geotechnical Engineering Tools and Modern TechnologyDenise Michele HicksASU
RETPeer Mentor Training Program for Undergraduate Engineering StudentsElizabeth AdamsUC Davis
RETTargeting Solutions for Bioclogging Generated by Ground Water In Situ BioremediationAnna Martí-SubiranaASU
RETCompressive Strength of Fine - Grain ed Soil Treated with Microbial Induced Calcium Precipitation ProcessMilton JohnsonASU
YSP3D Concrete Printing for a More Sustainable FutureEllie BartolinoASU
YSPMucus extraction from Lumbricus terrestris to investigate cohesive propertiesMohammad AlaqtashNMSU
YSPRoot - Inspired Ground AnchorMaddie Lemons, Collin SheppardGT
YSPSelf - Burrowing RobotsJannette Martí-SubiranaASU
YSPThe Comparisons in the Field of Bio - Based Ground ImprovementAriana EwellASU