NSF Site Visit for Year 6 Agenda

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Start TimeEnd TimeDurationAgenda ItemLocation
7:007:4545BreakfastSunstone Terrace
7:457:5510WelcomeOpal Ballroom
7:558:1015IntroductionsOpal Ballroom
8:108:3020CBBG OverviewOpal Ballroom
8:309:3060Research Program Reports by ThrustOpal Ballroom
20(8:30-8:50) Thurst 1: Hazard MitigationOpal Ballroom
20(8:50-9:10) Thurst 2: Environmental Protection & RestorationOpal Ballroom
25(9:10-9:35) Thrust 3: Infrastructure ConstructionOpal Ballroom
9:4510:25Research Program Reports by Thrust/Testbeds (continued)Opal Ballroom
20(9:50-10:05) Thurst 4: Subsurface Exploration and ExcavationOpal Ballroom
20(10:05-10-25) TestbedsOpal Ballroom
10:2511:05Intergrative Theme ReportsOpal Ballroom
20(10:25-10:45) InfrastructureOpal Ballroom
20(10:45-11:05) Diversity & InclusionOpal Ballroom
11:0511:4530Closed Session: Site Visit Team Executive Session #1Opal Ballroom
11:0511:4530Poster Judging by CBBG Faculty, IAB and SABOpal Ballroom
11:151:00105LunchSunstone Terrace
11:451:152hPoster Session for Site Visit Team and All OthersTopaz
12:301:3060Optional CBBG Lab Tours for CBBG Participants
1:151:4530Closed Session: Industry Advisory Board and Site Visit TeamOpal Ballroom
1:452:0520Industrial Collaboration Program and InnovationOpal Ballroom
2:052:3520Closed Session: Science Advisory Board and Site Visit TeamOpal Ballroom
2:353:3560Intergrative Theme Reports (continued)
3:454:0520Student Leadership Council Presentation
4:054:3520Closed Session: CBBG Students and Site Visit Team
4:355:3055Closed Session: Site Visit Team Executive Session #2
5:305:4515Site Visit Team Presents Questions to CBBG Leadership
5:45Walk Site Visit Team from Memorial Union to Hotel
Closed Session: Site Visit Team Working Dinner and Discussion
Working Dinner for CBBG Leadership and Invited Guests to Prepare Responses to NSF Site Visit Team
CBBG Faculty Dinner
6:00Closed Session: Council of Dean’s Dinner
6:30CBBG Student Dinner

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Start TimeEnd TimeDurationAgenda ItemLocation
7:308:3060Site visit Team Breakfast with Univistity Dean, Administrators, and Invited Guests
8:309:3060Responses to Site Visit Team Questions
9:353:00Activities for CBBG Faculty and Students
2h40(9:35-12:15) Student Presentations
45(12:15-1:00) LunchSunstone Terrace
75(1:00-2:15) IDEA Group Activity
45(2:15-3:00) Data Management Tutorial
9:455:007h15NSF Site Visit Team Executive Session for Report-WritingThe Binocular Club
(9:45-to completion) NSF Site Visit Team Report Writing
(12:00) LunchSunstone Terrace