Patent NumberTitleBrief Description
US10392767B2Mineral Precipitation MethodsBase modification of mineral precipitation/cementation methods that employ urease
US10563233B2Cementation MethodsMineral precipitation/ cementation methods for permeable/fractured materials using isolated urease
US10399130B2Methods and Systems for In-situ Temporary Containment of Shallow Contaminated SoilsBioinspired and reversible in-situ containment of shallow contaminated soils

Soil Improvement by Carbonate Precipitation Using Agricultural Urease

Soil strengthen/improvement via carbonate mineral precipitation using plant derived urease

Enhancing Cementation Using Hydrogels

Method to enhance carbonate mineral cementation using hydrogels

Bio-inspired Deep Foundation Piles and Anchorage Systems

Laterally expanding anchor and/or pile systems resulting in greater axial load carrying capacity in tension or compression

Pending Patents

CategoryTitleBrief Description
Provisional PatentBiocementation Systems and MethodsBiocementation systems and methods enhancement to increase the strength of biocemented sand
Provisional PatentEnzyme Extraction MethodsEnzyme extraction methods used in biocementation systems and methods
Provisional Patent
Methods for Simultaneous Anions Quant via IC and Suppressed Cond.
Simultaneous quantification of Cr-ate, As-ate, Se-ate, perchlorate and others using IC via suppr. Cond.
Provisional Patent
Ground Anchor and Installation Procedure
“A system and method for a root-inspired ground anchor
or deep foundation element.”