Rehearsal Day Monday Oct 18, 2021

Monday, October 18, 2021 
AZ TimeDurationAgenda ItemRoom
8:005:008 hoursStudent Leadership Council RetreatJade/ Amber/ Jasper/Onyx Boardroom
8:309:0030BreakfastSunstone Terrace
9:0010:0060Welcome and CBBG OverviewOpal Ballroom
9:202:004h40IDEA Working Group MeetingTurquoise
10:2011:3070Presentation Run-ThroughsOpal Ballroom
11:301:302hLunchGemstone Gallery
12:003:003hTrip to CBBG Site on ASU Polytechnic Campus
12:004:304h30Industry Advisory Board MeetingThe Binocular Club
1:302:4575Presentation Run-ThroughsOpal Ballroom
3:454:0015Final PreparationsOpal Ballroom
4:005:0060Science Advisory Board MeetingThe Binocular Club
Group Dinners
5:00IDEA Working Group DinnersOpal East
5:009:004hCBBG Students and IAB Members’ Poster Session/DinnerOpal West
5:30Science Advisory Board and Thrust Leaders’ DinnerTopaz
6:309:303hSite Visit Team Working Dinner and DiscussionSunstone Terrace