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CBBG Science Advisory Board


Elizabeth Edwards, University Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto




Jeffrey Evans, Professor Emeritus

Bucknell University




Richard Fragaszy, former Program Director. Division of Civil, Mechanical, and Manufacturing

Innovation. Directorate for Engineering at the National Science Foundation




Allen Marr, Founder and CEO

Geocomp, Academy of Geo-Professionals




Kerry Rowe, Professor of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

Queen’s University



Vern Schaefer, James M. Hoover Professor in Geotechnical Engineering

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at Iowa State University





Kenichi Soga, Donald H. McLaughlin Professor in Mineral Engineering and a Chancellor’s Professor – Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley



SAB Project Assignments - August 2021

GROUP 1 – Jason DeJong
(PR36) MICP Physical Modeling to Assess Liquefaction Mit.XX
(PR54) Hayward Baker – Geosyntec – UC Davis MICP Field TrialXX
(PR38) Upscaled Numerical Modeling of Biocemented SoilsXX
(PR4) Liquefaction Mitigation via Microbial DenitrificationXX
Group 2 – Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown
(PR1) Microbial Ecology of Stimulated Ureolytic Biocement.XX
(PR30) Biofilm Enabled Permeability Reduction in SandsXX
(PR58) Restoration of soil crust cover in degraded soilsXX
(PR63) Bio-based Barriers by Microbial Iron PrecipitationXX
(PR42) Removal of N and P from ground and surface waterXX
(PR16) Microbial Metabolic Exploration from Extreme Env.XX
(PR7) Microbially Enhanced Iron-Modified Zeolite PRBXX
(PR6) Electrokinetics for Mineral Precip. and RemediationXX
Group 3 – Ed Kavazanjian
(PR13) Engineering Applications of EICP - Fugitive Dust ControlXX
(PR45) EICP for Erosion Control in Sloping GroundXX
(PR56) Engineering Applications EICP - Biocemented Columns XX
(PR65) Bio-based Scour Protection Underwater FoundationsXX
Group 4 – Paola Bandini
(PR9) Tree Root Inspired Foundation and Retaining SystemsXX
(PR10) Root system evaluation for foundation inspirationXX
(PR57) Bio-inspired Radially Expansive Pile SystemsXX
(PR12) Bio-Inspired Resilient Earthen ConstructionXX
Group 5 – David Frost
(PR20) Utilitarian Subterranean Annelid-Inspired Geo-probeXX
(PR59) Field prototype of self-reaction system for site invest.XX
(PR49) Universal Biomechanical Processes for Subsurface Expl.XX
(PR66) “Angel Wing” mollusk-inspired hard rock drillingXX
Group 6 – David Frost
(PR67) Bio-inspired underground communicationXX
(PR48) Snakeskin-inspired Anisotropic SurfacesXX
(PR21) Geotechnics of Bio-locomotion and Self-Excav. SystemsXX
(PR47) Bio-inspired Self-Propelling Sensorial SystemsXX
Number of Project Assignments8888888