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Student Leadership Council


Undergraduate and graduate student researchers across the four university partners form a student leadership council that are responsible for initiating and coordinating activities in support of the outreach, mentoring, and technology transfer efforts of the center.

Student Leadership Council Positions 2019-2020

President: Michael Edgar (ASU)
Vice-President: Maya El Kortbawi (UCD)
Secretary: TBD
Center Outreach Coordinator: Karie Yamamoto (GT)

ASU Geotechnical Lead: Andrew Enns
ASU Cross-Disciplinary Lead: Srivatsan Mohana Rangan
ASU Undergraduate Lead: Rayanna Pearson
ASU Outreach Coordinator: Michael Edgar

NMSU Geotechnical Lead: Saeedeh Naziri
NMSU Cross-Disciplinary Lead: Eduardo Davila
NMSU Undergraduate Lead: Regina Marquez
NMSU Outreach Coordinators: Cyrena Ridgeway and Judit Garcia

GT Geotechnical Lead: Junghwoon Lee
GT Cross-Disciplinary Lead: Yumeng Zhao
GT Undergraduate Lead: Delaney Rickles
GT Outreach Coordinator: Karie Yamamoto

UCD Geotechnical Lead: Yuyan Chen
UCD Cross-Disciplinary Lead: Charles Graddy (Fall 2019) and Aisha Faruqi (Spring 2020)
UCD Undergraduate Lead: TBD
UCD Outreach Coordinator: Maya El Kortbawi

SLC Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sheng Dai (GT)