Thrust 3: Infrastructure Construction

Systems Integration projects under the Infrastructure Construction thrust include Development of Indigenous Building Materials and Engineering Applications of EICP. Enabling technology projects under this thrust include Development of Bio-inspired Sensors and Sensor Deployment Methods, Development of Adaptive Self-sensing Foundations, and Vibration-induced Self Healing. Development of Bio-inspired Sensors and Sensor Deployment Methods seeks to understand and mimic the sensing systems and borrowing strategies of lizards, moles, mollusks, and worms. Development of Adaptive Self-sensing Foundations seeks to mimic root growth and adaptation to changing boundary conditions. Inspired by bone growth and ant bridges, Vibration-induced Self Healing will explore energy/mass transfer under alternating excitation.

Infrastructure Construction Faculty

Thrust 3 Projects

ID NumberProject Title
AP6Chinese Scholarship Council & Higginbotham Professorship
PR9Tree Root Inspired Foundations and Retaining Systems
PR10Root System Evaluation for Multi-function Foundation Bio-inspiration
PR11Bio-Inspired Deep Foundation Systems
PR12Bio-Inspired Resilient Earthen Construction
PR13Engineering Applications of EICP – Fugitive Dust Control
PR45EICP for Erosion Control in Sloping Ground
PR56EICP Biocemented Soil Columns for Ground Improvement
PR57Prototype Testing of Bio-inspired Radially Expansive Pile Systems
PR65Bio-based Scour Protection for Underwater Foundation Systems
PR73Fugitive Dust Mitigation via Enzyme Induced Carbonate Precipitation