Thrust 4: Subsurface Exploration and Excavation

Subsurface Exploration and Excavation Projects encourage and foster an inherent synergy within Center activities. An initial suite of projects has been identified that contribute to the systems engineering and translational aspects of Center research. These projects include development of a simulator for coupled bio-thermo-hydro-chemical-mechanical processes and a tool for life cycle sustainability assessment of biogeotechnical systems; a laboratory for bio-memetic studies; and development of bio-inspired sensors. Ongoing Center review and evaluation will lead to additional projects over the life of the Center.

Subsurface Exploration and Excavation Faculty

Thrust 4 Projects

ID NumberProject Title
AP1CAREER: Integrated Research and Education on Bio-inspired Burrowing
AP2EAGER SitS: Active Self-burrowing Robots that Enable Next Generation Dynamic Underground Wireless Sensing Networks: Fusion of Fast Prototyping, Modeling and Learning
AP3CAREER: Soil Penetration Through Bio-inspired Stress State Manipulation
AP4Regolith Subsurface Exploration Testbed (R-SET)
AP5SitS NSF-UKRI: Rapid Deployment of Multi-functional Modular Sensing Systems in Soil
PR20GUSANO: Utilitarian Subterranean Annelid Inspired Geoprobe
PR21Geotechnics of Bio-Locomotion and Self-Excavating Systems
PR47Bio-Inspired Self-Propelling Sensorial Systems
PR48Snakeskin-inspired Anisotropic Surfaces
PR49Universal Biomechanical Processes
PR59Field Prototype of BUROS for Site Investigations
PR66Angel Wing Shells (cyrtopleura costata) Inspired Hard Rock Drilling
PR67Bio-inspired Underground Communication
PR77Mole Rat-inspired Bidirectional Propeller for Self-excavating Probes