Webinar series and remote meetings

Industry2022/10/14ASU Research: Bio-inspired Rotational Penetration: Numerical and Experimental InvestigationsYon TangeducationPPT | Handout | Video
Diversity2022/10/07Ongoing CBBG Diversity and Culture of Inclusion Challenges Jennifer ChandlerdiveristyPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2022/09/23YR8 Welcome and State of CBBGDr. Ed Kavazanjian, CBBG DirectorcenterPPT | Handout | Video
Industry2022/04/01Professional Life in Consultancy: A Panel Discussion with CBBG industry partners on the workplaceeducationPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2022/03/25BESMART Technologies: Bio-Engineering and Sediment Management And Removal of Turbidity TechnologiesMiguel de Lucas PardoeducationPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2022/03/04Sustainability, Biomimicry, Repair and AdaptationNick O’Riordan AKC BSc(Eng) PhD CEng FICE PE(CA)educationPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2022/02/25Strength, Permeability, and Compressibility – How Do We Measure Engineering Properties of Chemically-Reactive Geomaterials? A study of the engineering behavior of wildfire-exposed slopesDr. Xenia Wirth, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at California State University at FullertoneducationPPT | Handout | Video
Education2022/02/18Underpinning of Buildings: Methods and Innovations
Matthew J. Niermann, PEeducationVideo | PPT
Education2022/02/04Potentials and Opportunities for Engineering Fungal-Mycelium for Soil ImprovementEmmanuel Salifu, ASU Presidential Postdoctoral FelloweducationPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2022/01/28Annual Meeting DebriefDr. Ed Kavazanjian, CBBG DirectorcenterPPT | Handout | Video
Education2022/01/21Root-inspired Soil Penetration and Sensing Capabilities for Explorative and Monitoring BioRobotsDr. Emanuela Del DottoreeducationPPT| Handout | Video
Diversity2021/12/13DiversityDelia SaenzdiversityPPT | Video Passcode: [email protected]
Tech2021/11/19Thoughts on Mentorship: The Most Important Things I Have LearnedDr. Susan Burns, GTbiogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Education2021/11/19NSF Grant Proposals: Tips and Strategies for Writing the Evaluation SectionDr. Megan O'DonnelleducationPPT | Video
PW: CeD=8iK!
Diversity2021/11/12Examining Dominant Engineering Social Norms that Impact InclusionDr. Jennifer Chandler, CBBG Asst. Director for Diversity and Leadershipdiversity, inclusion, gender equity, engineering, higher educationPPT | Handout | Video
Education2021/11/05Culturally-Responsive Engineering ProgramsDr. Colleen Bronner, UCDindustry, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Industry2021/10/15ADOT / Jim LemmonJim LemmonindustryPPT | Handout | Video
Industry2021/10/08Career AdvisingHaley & AldrichindustryPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2021/10/01YR7 Welcome & State of CBBGEdward KavazanjiancenterPPT | Handout | Video
SLC2021/09/24SLC Committee OnboardingMichael Edgar, SLC PresidentStudent Leadership Council OnboardingPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2021/09/17The Challenges Ahead For the Scale Up and Commercialization of Bio-mediated GeotechnicsLeon van PaassenbiogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Education2021/02/19Student Leadership Council PresentationCBBG Student PresentersbiogeotechPPT | Handout |
Education2021/02/12Infrastructure Construction
Thrust Poster Presentations
CBBG Student PresentersbiogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2021/02/09Academia-Industry Knowledge Exchange WebinarCaroline van Steenvoven and Kim Lamers, Groundwater Technologybiogeotech, industryVideo
Education2021/02/05Subsurface Exploration and Excavation Infrastructure Construction Poster PresentationsCBBG Student PresentersbiogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Education2021/01/22Hazard Mitigation and Environmental Protection Thrusts Poster PresentationsCBBG Student PresentersbiogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Diversity2020/11/20Diversity WebinarDelia Saenz, ASUdiversity, inclusionPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/11/13A Combined Approach to Geotechnical and Structural Seismic Evaluation for Southern California’s Orange County Sanitation DistrictChris Conkle, P.E., G.E., Geosyntec Consultantsengineering, biogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Education2020/11/6Revisiting Engineering Education Thoughts from 2010J. David Frost, Georgia Techengineering, higher educationPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/10/9Microbial Ecology & Physiology of Bio-augmented MICP (Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation)Prof. Douglas Nelson, UC DavisbiogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Industry2020/10/2Haley & Aldrich Career Advising WorkshopJenny Ludwig, Sarah Mass, Brendan Cioto, Haley & Aldrichindustry, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/09/25Passive Remediation of Acid Rock Drainage via Coupled Treatment ApproachMoni Miranda, ASUbiogeotech, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/09/18Geologic and Engineering Applications of Laser Induced Breakdown SpectroscopyProf. Nancy J. McMillan, Distinguished Achievement Professor, Department Head of Geological Sciences, New Mexico State UniversityengineeringPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2020/09/11YR6 Welcome/State of the CenterDr. Ed Kavazanjian, CBBG DirectorcenterPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/08/28Spider Web Inspired Geogrids for Geotechnical ApplicationsJiaojun Liu, GTbiogeotech, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Diversity2020/06/15A Comparative Analysis of Minoritized Women in STEM Higher EducationDr. Meseret Hailu, Assistant Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, ASUdiversity, inclusion, gender equity, engineering, higher educationPPT | Handouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 | Video
Tech2020/6/5Some Experiences as ADOT's Engineering GeologistJim Lemmon, Geologist, Geotechnical Design Section, Bridge Group, Arizona Department of Transportationbiogeotech, engineeringPPT 1, 2, 3 | Handout | Video
Tech2020/5/22Environmental Dermatology: Restoring the Natural Skin of the Desert Soil to Prevent Erosion and the Production of Fugitive DustFerran Garcia-Pichel, ASUbiogeotech, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/5/8Plutonium-Microbial Interactions in the EnvironmentDonald T. Reed, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Repository Science and Operations, Actinide Chemistry and Repository Science Program, Carlsbad, NMengineeringPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2020/5/1Dissemination of Mid-Year Meeting Slides Part IIIJason DeJong, UC DaviscenterPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2020/4/24Dissemination of Mid-Year Meeting Slides Part IIJason DeJong, UC DaviscenterPPT | Handout | Video
Education2020/4/24Online Teaching and Learning Series: Online Testing and AssessmentWilli Savenye, ASUeducationPPT 1, 2, 3, 4 | Handout | Video
Education2020/4/17Online Teaching and Learning Series: Strategies for Active Learning in Online CoursesWilli Savenye, ASUeducationPPT 1, 2, 3 | Handout | Video
CBBG2020/4/17Dissemination of Mid-Year Meeting SlidesJason DeJong, UC DaviscenterPPT | Handout | Video
Education2020/4/10Online Teaching and Learning Series: Organizing Your Online CourseWilli Savenye, ASUeducationPPT 1, 2 | Handout | Video
CBBG2020/4/6CBBG Mid-Year Meetingcenter
CBBG2020/4/3Preview and Planning for On-line Mid-Year MeetingJason DeJong, UC DaviscenterPPT | Handout | Video
Diversity2020/2/24Achieving Equality in UK Universities: A Personal PerspectiveCatherine O'Sullivan, Imperial College Londondiversity, inclusionPPT | Handout | Video
Diversity2020/2/21Challenging Implicit BiasKimberly Martin, ASUdiversity, inclusionPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/2/20COGGE Webinar: Biogeotechnics: Bio-mediated Processes and Bio-Inspired Ideas for Geotechnical Engineering InnovationDr. Jason DeJong, UC Davisbiogeotech, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Industry2020/2/14A Combined Approach to Geotechnical and Structural Seismic Evaluation & Challenges and Design Considerations for Corrective Action at a Former Steel Manufacturing FacilityJeff Fijalka and Cory Russell, Geosyntec Consultantsindustry, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/2/7Breakage Monitoring with Acoustic EmissionsDr. Julio Valdes, San Diego State UniversityengineeringPPT | Handout | Video
MandatoryCBBG2020/2/6New Database TrainingBob Brier, CBBG Administrative DirectorcenterPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/1/31SBOR: A Minimalistic Soft Self-Burrowing-Out Robot Inspired by Razor ClamsDr. Julian Taoengineering, biogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/1/24Use of soft biofilms and biopolymers in geo-engineering: fines aided biosealing and undrained responses of loose sands with soft viscoelastic inclusionDr. Tae-Hyuk Kwonengineering, biogeotechPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2020/1/18The Role of Repetitive Loading in NatureDr. J. Carlos Santamarina, KAUST, Saudi ArabiaengineeringPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2019/12/12Innovations in Remediation at the CBBGDr. Ed Kavazanjian, Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, Dr. Anca Delgado center, engineering, biogeotechPPT | Handout | Audio
Diversity2019/11/22MicroAggression and MicroResistance: Promoting the Daily Practice of InclusionDr. Delia Saenzdiversity, inclusionPPT | Handout | Video
Industry2019/11/15Preparing for Industry EmploymentDr. Ed Kavazanjian, Director, CBBG; Kimberly Martin, ASU; Dr. Ranjiv Gupta, Freeport-McMoRanindustryPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2019/11/8Use of Digital Image Correlation to Characterize Structural Behavior of Adobe StructuresDr. Michael McGinnis, University of Texas at TylerengineeringPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2019/10/11Annual Meeting PreparationDr. Ed Kavazanjian, Director of Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired GeotechnicscenterPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2019/10/04Monotonic and Cyclic Frictional Anisotropy in Snakeskin-Inspired Surfaces and Piles Dr. Alejandro Martinez, Assistant Professor at the University of California DavisbiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Education2019/10/2Important Writing Skills for Careers in the Environmental IndustryMike Lawless, Brandy Barnes; Draper Aden Associatesengineering edPPT | Handout | Video
Industry2019/09/27My Postdoctoral Experience at National Energy Technology LaboratoryDr. Sheng Dai, Georgia Institute of Technologyindustry, collaboration, partnershipsPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2019/09/20Test Beds for Bio-based Ground Improvement in OregonDr. Ed Kavazanjian, Director, CBBG; Dr. Hamed Khodadadi, Arizona State University; Dr. Leon van Paassen, Arizona State UniversitybiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
CBBG2019/09/06CBBG Onboarding Year 5Dr. Ed Kavazanjian, Director, CBBG; Dr. Jean Larson, Education Director, CBBGcenterPPT | Handout | Video
Diversity2019/09/05Strategies for Engaging in Accessibility Across CampusKat Steele, Alyssa Taylor, Molly Mollica, Dianne Hendricks; University of Washingtondiversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video
Education2019/06/06Problem-based LearningKim Farnsworth, Education Coordinator, Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnicsengineering ed, problem-based learningPPT | Handouts | Video
Education2019/06/04Polishing Your Writing Skills for State Government Agency CareersSteve Holbrook, Virginia Tech
David Spears, Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy
leadership, industry writingPPT | Handouts | Video
Industry2019/05/24Jet Grouting for Water Cutoff and Excavation Support Matt Niermann, P.E., Schnabelindustry, biogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Education2019/05/17Creating Effective Outreach to K-12 StudentsPaige Wheeleroutreach, engineering edPPT | Handouts | Video
Education2019/04/26Reporting in CBBG DatabaseDr. Jean LarsoncenterPPT | Handouts | Video
CBBG2019/04/01CBBG Mid-Year Mtg: Industry University Collaborations - PART I, PART IIindustryPPT | Handouts | Videos 1 & 2
MandatoryCBBG2019/04/01CBBG Mid-Year Mtg: Data Archiving - PART I, PART II, PART IIIdata archivingPPT | Handouts | Video 1, 2 & 3
Industry2019/03/15Conceiving and Launching a Startup Software Company - the FILIO StoryFikret Atalay, CEE PhD Candidate; Sangy Hanumasagar CEE PhD Candidate; Mahdi Roozbahani, Geosystems CSE PhD, Georgia Institute of Technologyindustry, innovationPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2019/03/01Constitutive modeling of biocemented soilDr. Katerina ZiotopouloubiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Diversity2019/02/22Ethical Behaviors for Building Trust and Productive Cooperation within TeamsAnne Hubbell, Professor, New Mexico State Unveristydiversity, inclusion, mentoringPPT | Handouts | Video
Diversity2019/02/15Making Engineering Research Centers Welcoming, Accessible, and UsableDiscussion at CBBGdiversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video | Check
Tech2019/02/14Exploration Technologies at Honeybee Robotics Touch Life and Mine the SkyKris Zacny, Director of Exploration Technology, Honeybee RoboticsroboticsPPT | Handouts | Video
Industry2019/01/25 Sustaining Productive Research Relationships with IndustryDavid M. Jared, P.E., Research Section Head (Georgia Dept. of Transportation)

Andrew Fuggle, Senior Geotechnical Engineer (Golder Associates Inc)

Andres Peralta, Product Design and Development Engineer (Tensar Corp)
industry, leadershipPPT | Handouts | Video
MandatoryCBBG2019/01/18Data Archiving: Data Types and Archiving ProceduresMatthew Harp, Rene Tanner, ASU Librarydata archivingPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2019/01/16Critical State Soil Mechanics for DummiesDr. Paul W. MaynebiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2019/01/09(NOAA): Dynamic Interactions between Wave – Surge – Hydrological ModelsAli Abdolali, Coastal/Ocean Engineering, National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA)biogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
MandatoryDiversity2019/01/01Diversifying the Engineering Community: From Campus to WorkforceEngineeringCAS, Liaison diversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video
Industry2018/11/30Integrating Research in Soil and Groundwater Remediation Projects: A Case Study in Blending Innovation, Community Involvement, and SustainabilityMike Basel from Haley Aldrichindustry, biogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Education2018/11/02Educational Outreach: Benefits and BarriersDr. Jean Larson, Education Director, Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnicsoutreach, engineering edPPT | Handouts | Video
CBBG2018/10/19CBBG Status Update Dr. Ed Kavazanjian, Director, Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics, Arizona State UniversitycenterPPT | Handouts | Video
MandatoryStudent Leadership2018/10/05Onboarding (SLC): So You've Joined CBBG, Now What?Peter Zelkowski, Graduate Student, New Mexico State Universityonboarding, leadershipPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2018/09/28Considering Nature in Addressing Resilience and Sustainability During ReconstructionDr. David Frost, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of TechnologybiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2018/09/21Research: Development of Reactive Geocomposite Mat Containing Steel Slag and Mulch for Removal of Phosphate and Nitrate from Impacted WatersTreavor H. Boyer, Ph.D., Arizona State UniversitybiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Diversity2018/06/18Diversity and InclusionDr. Eduardo Pagan, Arizona State University's Bob Stump Endowed Professor of History, Associate Professordiversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video
MandatoryDiversity2018/06/01TokenismDelia Saenz, PhD, Arizona State Universitydiversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video
Education2018/04/20Communication Across Difference: Win Win Strategies for Bridging the DivideLisa Z. Fain, CEO, Center for Mentoring Excellence mentoring, diversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video
Industry, Tech2018/02/22What’s My Line? Site Assessment! [AKA: Applying Geophysics in Site Assessment]Gregory L. Hempen, Ph.D., Registered Professional Engineer and Registered Professional Geologistbiogeotech, industry, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Diversity2018/02/02Identifying and Examining Dominant Social NormsJennifer L.S. Chandler, Ph.D., Arizona State Universitydiversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video
MandatoryIndustry2018/01/26Where Patents Meet NatureSam Sutton, Aspen Research, Phoenixindustry, innovation, law, patentsPPT | Handouts | Video
Industry2018/01/19Leadership in Project Management Teams: Can You “Hear” Me NowTerry R. Adler, Ph.D., PMP, New Mexico State Universityindustry, leadershipPPT | Handouts | Video
Diversity2018/01/09Imposter Syndrome in Higher Education and BeyondColleen E. Bronner, Ph.D., University of California, DavisleadershipPPT | Handouts | Video
Diversity2017/11/16Introduction to Inclusive Leadership in EngineeringJennifer L. S. Chandler, PhD, Arizona State University diversity, inclusion, leadershipPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/11/09Effects of soil variability and soil-atmosphere interaction. A physical modeling approach.Bernardo Caicedo, PhD, University of the Andes – ColombiabiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/11/02Visualizing Soil Structure Interaction and Flow, Non-IntrusivelyMagued Iskander, PhD, PE, F.ASCE, New York University, Tandon School of EngineeringbiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Diversity2017/10/13Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Higher Education: Implications for Science and Engineeringdiversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video
CBBG2017/09/25NSF Perfect Pitch ContestCBBG Students, Arizona State University, University of California, Davis, Georgia Institute of Technology, New Mexico State UniversityPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2017/08/25NSF Perfect Pitch Contest Training SessionPablo Guimera Coll, 2015 ERC Perfect Pitch Contests Winner, QESST Graduate Student, Arizona State UniversityPPT | Handout | Video
CBBG2017/08/14Bi-Annual ASU CBBG-FestCenter for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics, Arizona State UniversitycenterPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/06/09Biogeotechnical Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate for Mitigation of Liquefaction Potential and Other Ground Improvement ApplicationsDr. Edward Kavazanjian, Jr., Ph.D., P.E., NAE, Director CBBG, Arizona State University, 2017 International Conference on Transportation Infrastructure and Materials, Qingdao University of Technologybiogeotech, engineeringPPT | Handout | Video
Tech2017/04/28Earthworm Inspired Subsurface ExplorationDr. Douglas Cortes, Civil Engineering, University of California, DavisbiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/03/23Current Research in MICPProfessor Toshiro Hata, Toyama University, and Dr. Kazuhiro Kaneda, Takenaka R&D InstitutebiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/03/17Heat Mitigation in Geosynthetic Composite LinersProfessor Abdelmalek Bouazza, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Monash UniversitybiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/03/16BioMotion ScienceProfessor Robert J. Full, Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of California, BerkeleybiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/03/03Bio-based Ground ImprovementLeon van Passen, Senior Investigator, Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBBG), Arizona State UniversitybiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/02/24Quantitative Passive Vapor Sampling with the Waterloo Membrane SamplerDr. Isaac B. Roll, Senior Staff Engineer, Geosyntec ConsultantsbiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Student Leadership2017/02/17Student Presentations on CBBG Research – SLCMichael Gomez, Graduate Student, Mahdi Roozbahani, Graduate Student, Sheldon John, Graduate Student, and Caitlyn Hall, Graduate Student, Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBBG), Arizona State Universityleadership, biogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Diversity2017/02/06Military and Veteran Culture at Arizona State UniversitySteve Borden, Director, Veteran Services, Pat Tillman Veteran’s Center (PTVC) and Nancy Dallett, Assistant Director, Office for Veteran and Military Academic Engagementdiversity, inclusionPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/01/27Resilient Earthen Construction: Classical and Modern ApproachesDr. Paola Bandini, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department, New Mexico State University and Dr. Brad Weldon, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, New Mexico State UniversitybiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/01/18Bio-inspired Models for Infrastructure Network Optimization, Deployment and AdaptabilityDr. Chloe Arson, Associate Professor, Geosystems Engineering Sustainable Communities, Georgia Institute of TechnologybiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2017/01/13Soil MicrobiologyDr. Douglas Nelson, Professor, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of California, DavisbiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
Diversity2016/11/30Mentoring Presentation for Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired GeotechnicsDr. Erika Camacho, Associate Professor & Barrett Honors College Faculty, School of Mathematical & Natural Sciences, Arizona State Universitydiversity, inclusion, mentoringPPT | Handouts | Video
Industry2016/11/21Protecting Your IP: What, When and HowDr. Phil Dowd, Director of Intellectual Assets, Arizona Technology Enterprises, LLC, Arizona State Universityindustry, law, patentsPPT | Handouts | Video
Tech2016/11/10Evaluation of the Combined Use of BOF Slag and Sugarcane Bagasse for the Passive Remediation of Acid Mine DrainageDennis G. Grubb, PHD, PE, Vice President for Research, Development and Technical Sales at Phoenix Services, LLCbiogeotechPPT | Handouts | Video
CBBG2016/06/01Summer Kickoff - 2016 CBBG REU ProgramDr. David Frost, Elizabeth and Bill Higginbotham Professor, Georgia Institute of Technologycenter, REUPPT | Handouts | Video