University Curriculum

Faculty Developed Curriculum

Community college faculty from CBBG partner schools participated in a 5-week summer Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program in which they worked with university faculty and graduate student mentors on a biogeotechnics engineering lab project. As part of this experience, they developed an instructional lesson module which they then incorporated into the general competencies for one or more of their courses.  Some community college adjunct faculty presented their instructional module in a colleague’s course as a guest lecturer. 

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YearNameLevelLesson PlanOther Materials
2023Ana Marti-SubiranaCommunity CollegeUrease Efficacy in Enzyme Induced Carbonate Precipitation (EICP) in Selected Soil Samples And Experimental ConditionsPresentation | Poster | Report
2023Galena GordonCommunity CollegeAnaerobic Bioremediation–Chlorine to Hydrogen (Reductive Dehalogenation & Microbial Chain Elongation)Presentation | Poster | Report
2022Khamala, BethuelCommunity CollegeMechanical Energy, Power, and Gas LawsPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Cosby, RichardCommunity CollegeLiquefaction Mitigation using Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP)Presentation | Poster | Report
2021Adams, LizCommunity CollegePeer Mentor Training Program for Undergraduate Engineering StudentsPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Martinez Salinas, HeberCommunity CollegeBio-inspired Water FiltersPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Marti-Subirana, AnnaCommunity CollegeTargeting Solutions for Bioclogging Generated by Ground Water Bioremediation ProcessesPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Khamala, BethuelCommunity CollegeWork, Energy, and PowerPresentation | Poster | Report
2018Wood, KarrieCommunity CollegeGeotechnics and SoilPresentation | Poster
2017Elder, ReneeCommunity CollegeLet's Get Dirty with SoilPresentation | Poster
2017Thacker, QuinnCommunity CollegeMicrobes Facilitate Chain ElongationPresentation | Poster
2016Dash, SagarikaCommunity CollegeExploring Soil Microbial Diversity for BioremediationPresentation | Poster

The CBBG education team has also worked with university engineering faculty to develop biogeotechnics instructional modules to be incorporated in their own core courses.  The following resources represent the instructional modules developed for the integration into university science and engineering courses.

FreshmanIntroduction to Biogeotechnical EngineeringPresentationInstructor HandoutPre-Survey | Post-Survey