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Webinar Series and Remote Meetings

Upcoming Webinars 2021-2022

Education2021/10/2911am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)Leadership and MentoringZhen Zhao, Engineering Education Systems and Design (EESD) Grad Student
Tech2021/11/0511am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)UCD Webinar
Diversity2021/11/1211am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)DiversityJennifer Chandler
Tech2021/11/1911am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)GT Webinar
Tech2022/01/2111am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)NMSU Webinar
CBBG2022/01/2811am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)CBBG Webinar: Annual Meeting DebriefDr. Ed Kavazanjian, CBBG Director
Tech2022/02/0411am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)ASU Webinar
Tech2022/02/1111am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)NMSU Webinar
Tech2022/02/1811am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)GT Webinar
Tech2022/02/2511am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)UCD Webinar
SLC2022/03/0411am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)SLC
Industry2022/03/0811am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)Industry Webinar
Diversity2022/03/2211am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)Diversity

Past Recordings

Video recordings, presentations, and supplementary material for past recordings can be found here. This page is password-protected and is only available to members of the CBBG community. Please contact if you need help accessing the page.