Webinar Series and Remote Meetings

TypeDate TimeTitlePresenter(s)
CBBG9/22/202311am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)YR9 Welcome and State of CBBGDr. Ed Kavazanjian
SLC9/29/202311am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)ALL STUDENTS | Student Leadership Team (SLC)SLC | John Huntoon
Tech | ASU10/6/202311am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)Enhanced Control of Microbial Activity and Substrate Delivery Via Inhibitors For In-Situ Contaminant TreatmentJustin P. Skinner
Diversity 10/13/202311am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)Attracting and Supporting a Diverse Group of ResearchersDr. Jennifer Chandler
10/20/27NO WEBINARSNSF Site Visit & Annual Meeting
Tech | GT11/03/202311am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)Bio-inspired Design: From Idea to PrototypeDr. Mike Helms
11/10/2023NO WEBINARVeteran's Day
Tech | NMSU11/17/202311am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDNMSU | Paola Bandini
Tech | UCD12/1/202311am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)Advancements in the understanding and simulation of the mechanical behavior or biocemented sandsKaterina Ziotopoulou
12/8 - 1/5NO WEBINARS Finals & Winter Break
Industry1/12/202411am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDIndustry | Jafar Razmi
CBBG1/19/202411am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)The State of the CBBG: Year 9Dr. Ed Kavazanjian
SLC1/26/202411am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDSLC | John Huntoon
Tech | ASU2/2/202411am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDASU | Anca Delgado
Education 2/9/202411am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDEducation | Jean Larson
Diversity2/16/202411am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDDiversity | Jennifer Chandler
Tech | GT2/23/202411am (UCD) | 12pm (ASU/NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDGT | David Frost
3/1 - 3/29NO WEBINARSSpring Break
Tech | NMSU4/5/202411am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDNMSU | Paola Bandini
Education4/12/202411am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDEducation | Jean Larson
Tech | UCD4/19/202411am (UCD/ASU) | 12pm (NMSU) | 2pm (GT)TBDUCD | Alejandro Vela

Past Recordings

Video recordings, presentations, and supplementary material for past recordings can be found here. This page is password-protected and is only available to members of the CBBG community. Please contact [email protected] if you need help accessing the page.