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How to Request Reimbursements

Tips for Success:

How to Request Reimbursements:

  1. NOTE – All reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of the transaction. Reimbursement requests that are more than 30 days after the transaction may not be reimbursed and will require ASU director and dean approvals.
  2. Gather the following items legibly scanned to PDF format for your reimbursement to be processed:
    1. Agenda, flier, and/or short write up documenting the event and what happened
    2. Attendees listed with their CBBG Affiliation noted E.X. Edward Kavazanjian, CBBG Director/ASU Faculty
    3. Itemized receipt(s) show exactly what was purchased and that it was paid for fully.
    4. ASU Business Meal Form completed (if any food items purchased/restaurants)
    5. If mileage reimbursement is being requested, then a mileage map showing the exact route and miles accrued
    6. Business/public/research purpose – a clear explanation of what was purchased and how the purchase benefits CBBG goals/mission
    7. UCD/NMSU/Georgia Tech students/faculty need the following items as well
      1. Independent Contractor Form
      2. Participant Certification
      3. Mailing address to where the reimbursement check should be mailed
  3. Submit the applicable items in number two as PDF attachments to your approving authority
    1. All items reimbursed from the SLC need SLC President reimbursement. SLC President SLC reimbursements are approved by the SLC President’s campus PI.
    2. All REU and RET reimbursements are approved by Claudia Zapata.
    3. PI, Senior Investigator, Staff, and ILO reimbursements are approved by Center Director Edward Kavazanjian or his designee
  4. Convert approval email to a PDF.
  5. Attach approval email and applicable items in number two to an email to Emma Buchanan
  6. Notify Emma Buchanan if you have not received reimbursement check within 30 days