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Teacher Developed Curriculum



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YearNameGradeLesson PlanOther Materials
2016Planter, AngenetteHigh SchoolAnts vs. Humans Bio-Inspired Engineering
2016Jones-Lawrence, TaraHigh SchoolRoot System Evaluation for Foundation Bio-Inspiration
2016Reher, RebeccaElementary SchoolCreating a Bio-Inspired Solution to Plant ErosionPresentation
2016Andrews, AngelaHigh SchoolWind-Blown Soil ParticlesPresentation | Poster
2016Cherry, AmandaHigh SchoolApplications of Anaerobic BacteriaPresentation | Poster
2016Clemens, StevenMiddle SchoolSoil Stabilization and Environmental ImpactPresentation | Poster
2016Currier, ScottElementary SchoolSoil ComparisonPresentation | Poster
2016Dash, SagarikaCommunity CollegeExploring Soil Microbial Diversity for BioremediationPresentation | Poster
2016Macias, GabrielMiddle SchoolFugitive Dust ControlPresentation | Poster
2016Rahman, AfrozaHigh SchoolFrom Trash to Energy: A Sustainable Way to Manage Your Everyday WastePresentation | Poster
2016Perla, CarlosElementary SchoolDesign a Filtration SystemPresentation | Poster