Pre-College Curriculum

Teacher Developed Curriculum

K-12 teachers from CBBG partner schools participated in a 5-week summer Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program in which they worked with university faculty and graduate student mentors on a biogeotechnics engineering lab project.  As part of this experience, they developed grade-level appropriate instructional lessons which they then implemented in their classrooms.  The following resources represent the lessons and materials developed by those partner teachers and are organized by elementary school (ES), middle school (MS), or high school (HS) grade levels.

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YearNameGradeLesson PlanOther Materials
2023Garth SommersHigh SchoolAn Exploration of a Self-Burrowing Robots Vertical Penetration into Granular Media.Presentation | Poster | Report
2023Jason ParsonsHigh SchoolEICP Busts the Dust by Forming Carbonate CrustPresentation | Poster | Report
2023Karl ErnsbergerHigh SchoolFarming on Mars SoilPresentation | Poster | Report
2023Anju KharbandaHigh SchoolErosion: Don’t Let the Soil Get Carried Away Presentation | Poster | Report
2023Kristin SheltonMiddle SchoolRiders of the StormPresentation | Poster | Report
2023Mano ChilkamariHigh SchoolGT-2 Permeability of Bio-cemented Sand MixturesPresentation | Poster | Report
2022Sanchez, CristineHigh SchoolAngelwing Clam Inspired DrillingPresentation | Poster | Report
2022Maslian, DemviaHigh SchoolBiological Sliding Demonstration: Interface Friction Testing ModulePresentation | Poster | Report
2022Patton, GaylaMiddle SchoolDoes the Texture of Soil affect the Permeability and Strength of the Soil?Presentation | Poster | Report
2022Seng, HarnaryMiddle SchoolBio-inspired Drill BitsPresentation | Poster | Report
2022Clemens, HudaElementary SchoolPreventing Soil Erosion with Vegetation Presentation | Poster | Report
2022Karl, KaylaHigh SchoolExploring Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP)Presentation | Poster | Report
2022Gordon, NadineHigh SchoolProfessor of BiologyPresentation | Poster | Report
2022Rassega, TheresaHigh SchoolEngineering DesignPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Hicks, DeniseElementary SchoolEcosystem Dynamics: Let’s Do This!Presentation | Poster | Report
2021Martin, TravisMiddle SchoolModeling Frictional Interfaces for Bio-inspired Pile DesignPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Lansing Spencer, OliviaHigh SchoolEat My Dust: Mitigating Fugitive DustPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Johnson, MiltonHigh SchoolCompressive Strength of Fine Grain Soil Treated with Microbial Induced Calcium Precipitation ProcessPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Mendez, Jennifer Elementary SchoolSeaweed in EngineeringPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Seng, Harnary Middle SchoolAngel-wing Clam Inspired Rock DrillingPresentation | Poster | Report
2021Rozint, ClaireMiddle SchoolSink or Stabilize? Cementing SoilPresentation | Poster | Report
2020Fauss, AshleyMiddle SchoolStabilizing Expansive SoilsPresentation | Poster | Report
2020Trotter, Brandon Middle SchoolEngineered SandcastlesPresentation | Poster | Report
2020Loya, Brianne High SchoolEnzyme Induced Carbonate Precipitation to Suppress Toxic Dust StormsPresentation | Poster | Report
2020Martin, Travis Middle SchoolMICP 4 the Classes (Masses)Presentation | Poster | Report
2020Swift, Tracy High SchoolHow Engineers Reduce the liquefication factor to protect the soil against earthquakesPresentation | Poster | Report
2020Oglesby, Kayla High SchoolUnderstanding Soil Formation and Strength through Ant TunnelingPresentation | Poster | Report
2020Thomas, Juanita Middle SchoolBiodeposition as a Surface Treatment Method to Increase 3D Concrete Durability with Post-processing and Optimization via Machine LearningPresentation | Poster | Report
2020Seng, HarnaryMiddle SchoolThe Hole Story: Angel Wing Clams (cyrtopleuracostata) Inspired Hard Rock Drilling
Presentation | Poster | Report
2020All 2020 RET TeachersResources for Combating Racism and Injustice in K-12 STEM Education
2019Ashley, MartinaMiddle SchoolWinogradsky Columns: Microbial EcosystemsPresentation | Poster | Report
2019 Calhoun, MarkHigh SchoolStructural Analysis of EICP Treated 3D Printed ConcretePresentation | Poster | Report

2019Currier, ScottElementary School
Plants Through Crust Phenomena
Presentation | Poster | Report
2019Hood, DanielHigh School
Exploring Bioremediation through Cellular Respiration
Presentation | Poster |Report
2019Johnson, JasmineElementary SchoolUsing Jack Bean Enzyme to Increase the Rate of Cementation in Soil in EICPPresentation | Poster |Report
2019Lansing, OliviaHigh SchoolBio-inspired Geotechnics and Self-burrowing Soft RoboticsPresentation | Poster |Report
2019Seng, HarnarySoil Searching, Investigating Soil Properties: Bio-inspiration Can Help Geotechnical Engineers Solve Problems of Building Structures on SoilPresentation | Poster |Report
2019Washington, AntoniaBio-inspired Engineering Practices (Ants Excavation)Presentation | Poster |Report
2018Cullivan, WendyHigh SchoolReducing Surface Porosity of ConcretePresentation | Poster | Report
2018Gensel, JessicaMiddle SchoolExploring the Nitrogen CyclePresentation | Poster | Report
2018Hall, JasonMiddle SchoolTough StuffPresentation | Poster | Report
2018Pillsbury, FinnMiddle SchoolA Student-Led Investigation of Ways to Reduce Soil LiquefactionPresentation | Poster | Report
2018Reding, AmandaMiddle SchoolAmazing Anchoring Adaptations and AnalogsPresentation | Poster | Report
2018Reyna, LanceElementary SchoolGone with the WindPresentation | Poster | Report
2018Wood, Karrie ChampneysHigh SchoolExpanding Clay SoilsPresentation | Poster | Report
2017Aragon, NatalieMiddle SchoolSoil and Water Contamination: Can We Clean It Up?Presentation | Poster | Report
2017Batchelder, StephenMiddle SchoolShake it Up LiquefactionPresentation | Poster | Report
2017Clemens, StevenMiddle SchoolFugitive Dust PreventionPresentation | Poster | Report
2017Elder, ReneeCommunity CollegeLet’s Get Dirty with SoilPresentation | Poster | Report
2017Gerrick, MichelleMiddle SchoolWhat Size is My Soil?Presentation | Poster | Report
2017Haduch, AnthonyElementary SchoolOptimal Cement MixturePresentation | Poster | Report
2017Rumann, SusanMiddle SchoolWhat’s Shakin’?Presentation | Poster | Report
2017Sandys, MicahHigh SchoolBio-inspired Problem-SolvingPresentation | Poster | Report
2017Thacker, QuinnCommunity CollegeMicrobes Facilitate Chain ElongationPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Andrews, AngelaHigh SchoolWind-Blown Soil ParticlesPresentation | Poster
2016Cherry, AmandaHigh SchoolApplications of Anaerobic BacteriaPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Clemens, StevenMiddle SchoolSoil Stabilization and Environmental ImpactPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Currier, ScottElementary SchoolSoil ComparisonPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Dash, SagarikaCommunity CollegeExploring Soil Microbial Diversity for BioremediationPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Jones-Lawrence, TaraHigh SchoolRoot System Evaluation for Foundation Bio-InspirationPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Macias, GabrielMiddle SchoolFugitive Dust ControlPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Perla, CarlosElementary SchoolDesign a Filtration SystemPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Planter, AngenetteHigh SchoolAnts vs. Humans Bio-Inspired EngineeringPresentation | Poster | Report
2016Rahman, AfrozaHigh SchoolFrom Trash to Energy: A Sustainable Way to Manage Your Everyday WastePresentation | Poster | Report
2016Reher, RebeccaElementary SchoolCreating a Bio-Inspired Solution to Plant ErosionPresentation | Poster | Report